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Hand and Foot care

Mobile Manicure

    • Mini manicure: £15
    • Standard manicure: £25
    • Supreme manicure: £35
    • Shellac manicure: £35
    • Male manicure: £20
  • Mini manicure includes: shape, cream application and desired color.
  • Supreme manicure. Ultimate relaxation for your hands includes: nail shaping, cuticle work, nourishing paraffin wax, perfect for dry hands and nails, special cream, massage and color application.
  • Shellac. Enjoy perfect manicure for two weeks!
  • Shellac remover: £10

Mobile Pedicure

    • Standard pedicure: £35
    • Supreme pedicure: £45
    • Shellac pedicure: £49
  • Standard pedicure includes soak, cut, file and shape the toe nails, hard skin remover and application of your desired color.
  • Supreme pedicure provides all the benefits and care of the basic pedicure in addition you will get sugar scrub wonderful lower leg massage and application of your chosen color.
  • Shellac. Enjoy perfect pedicure for at least two weeks!
  • Shellac remover: £10
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Comprehensive Manicure and Pedicure Services Offered in London

Living in well-to-do localities like London has its own perks. Stately houses, proximity to every urban amenity, lush neighborhoods and classy entertainment hubs make such places attractive residential areas. That and the rich English culture call out people to bring out their creative sensibilities out forth. The oncoming technology works well with the burgeoning traditions of the yesteryears. Like the great cities here, people welcome this intermingling of traditions with open arms. Rich residential experience along with a highly cultured society makes these British suburbs a wonderful place to live.

The Need for Manicure and Pedicure in London Areas

The people of this great nation are far from lazy. In fact, it is their very hands-on approach to life that makes them industrious workers and leaders of their industry. Sadly for them their hands go through a lot of hell in this race. This makes them lose their youthful appeal and begin to look unpleasant. The same holds true for their feet as well. The hands and feet of London are the most hardworking limbs, yet sometimes they lack proper care. This is due to the fact that manicure and pedicure services in salons are too expensive for comfort. This is also because looking for some time to pamper oneself is hard to come by. This is where mobile beauty solutions fit perfectly. These mobile beauty salons provide exemplary manicure and pedicure services at the fraction of the actual price. What’s more is that these beauty sessions can be conducted at your home. This beats waiting in a salon queue to receive some much deserved care.

What Entails In These Manicure And Pedicure Services?

As known to all, manicure services are meant to take proper care of your hands and pedicures do the likewise for feet. With time and age, your hands and feet develop unsightly blemishes. Calluses, dirt under nails, unsightly cuticles and rough heels can gradually give way to skin diseases. Manicure procedures in this regard protect your hands and nails while keeping them looking pretty. Manicure services include the regular filing, polishing and painting nail varnish. However if you are looking forward to a more extensive treatment then it will be available at your disposal. Full antibacterial manicure treatments will not only cover the basic manicure treatments but will also thorough cleaning, waxing and hand massages. Pedicure likewise entails a basic treatment including filing, shaping and coloring. More extensive foot treatments are available upon request. These include organic warm soaks, massages, cleaning, shaping and hydrating along with the remaining basic treatments of filing and coloring.


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