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    • Eyelash tint: £12
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Eyelash Extensions Made Easy With London Mobile Beauty Services

London is the fashion capital of Britain. The cutting-edge urban lifestyle merits a dressing style which can match up to the high standards of London in every way. The wonderful city of London is home to many leading fashion designers of international repute. As a result of which people in London are extremely fashion conscious. Whether you are walking down Charing Cross or Piccadilly, spotting young fashionistas is quite the common sight. So if you’re living in such a hip and edgy city as London, you will be obligated to bring out the best in your fashion repertoire.

A Look into Eyelash Extensions in London

London being home to cutting edge fashion needs its bevy of beauties to look sharp in every way possible. Right from nice clothes to shoes, makeup and accessories, everything needs to be downright perfect. This is why every British woman tries to bring something new to the table. Having an upper hand in terms of one’s appearance can prove to be quite an advantage in a place as fashionable as London. This is where eyelash extensions come in. Eyelash extensions are an artificial way of having thicker eyelashes. Anyone who understands the impact of having thicker eyelashes understands that they make a great deal of difference to one’s appearance. Thicker eyelashes instantly make one’s eye pop and look doe-like. Some people are naturally blessed to have thick eyelashes. Those who don’t, have the liberty to augment them artificially. Eyelash extensions are a process by which artificial hair strands are glued onto the existing lash line. The process is extremely delicate and potentially dangerous for those without experience. One wrong move can damage your eyes for the worse.

Mobile Eyelash Extensions in the London area

Thankfully for the uninitiated, professional beauty experts conduct such eyelash extensions on a mobile basis. These eyelash extensions are available on standard and semi-permanent application basis. The process itself takes a short while and leaves you with visibly thicker looking lashes. When applied by professional eyelash extensions experts these hair strands can last from a single night to up to two months. Eyelash extensions are a beauty treatment for the eyes. Using hypoallergenic hair strands and professional quality adhesives, each strand is adhered to the roots of the natural eyelash. The popularity of the process makes it a coveted treatment by the women in London.

Caring for Eyelash Extensions

Having got your very own eyelash extensions done, you should take care not to rub on them to scratch them. These eyelashes work well with water-soluble eye makeup products. However increased use of acetone based products might loosen the adhesive base and cause the strands to fall out. Apply your eye creams in sparing quantities avoiding the lash-line to keep the eyelash extensions intact for extended periods of time.


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