Brides & Grooms Package

brides and grooms package

Grooms & Bridal Package: £90. Includes:

  • Full manicure
  • Full pedicure
  • Mini facial
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Lucrative Bridals and Grooms Package Offered By Leading Mobile Beauty Salons in London

Getting Married in London!

Marriage is a sacred covenant binding two hearts in a beautiful union. When two people decide to get married, it is considered to be the most wonderful prospect of their life. And when you decide to get married in London, you actually add cherry on top of a fantastic prospect. The city of London is a wonderful city that is steeped in culture. National monuments and heritage sites bear witness to some of the most romantic moments in Royal history. Some of the most picturesque locales and the best in wedding services are available here. This makes getting married in London a dream come true for many people.

Bridals and Grooms Package for a Glittering Wedding

The most important part of getting married is not the arrangements for the wedding but in looking the part. For many grooms looking at their blushing and resplendent bride in full bridal attire is a beautiful and overwhelming moment. The same sentiments are shared by brides when they walk down the aisle to meet their grooms. So looking the part with much aplomb is a necessity. Both the bride and groom need to undergo intensive beauty regimens to look flawless on their D-day. While many concentrate on the bride, the groom’s appeal is often left to the tux alone. Thankfully there are great deals of mobile beauty salons which offer comprehensive bridals and grooms package for attractive rates. This lets both the bride and groom experience spa like treat from the comfort of their home. Honestly speaking this takes the edge off the wedding jitters and does wonders for the nerves. These bridals and grooms package are available on a trial basis. On being hired their professional mobile beauticians offer their services limited not just to the bridal and grooms package but for the bridesmaids and the men in the party as well. After all, when it comes to that big day everyone should look perfect.

Services entailed in the Bridals and Grooms Package

While the bride and groom are both watching their weight and trying to look appealing in their dresses, having the perfect skin will prove to be the best accessory. Thus in the bridals and grooms package following services are entailed – pre-wedding treatments for both the bride and groom, D-day bridals and grooms package and also wedding package for the group. The last two services in the bridals and grooms package are applicable only for the wedding day. For the bride, the pre-wedding treatments include thorough facials, eyelash tinting, eyelash extensions, full body waxing, eyebrow shaping and tinting, bridal manicure and luxurious pedicures and wedding makeup on a trial use. The groom gets to have facials and eyebrow shaping sessions. On the day of the wedding the bridals and grooms wedding package entails a preparatory facial for both, followed by bridal makeup. These bridals and grooms wedding services also include bridal makeup for the wedding party including female members of the family and the bridesmaids.

The bridals and grooms package is designed to give a special touch to your happily ever after story. Avail of these services and make your special day even more so. Do not hesitate to give us a call at 077 6064 5205 to learn more about our grooms and brides special mobile beauty package!


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