Waxing Services We Offer in London

    • Full leg: £26
    • Half leg: £17
    • Bikini line: £12
    • Under arm: £10
    • Full arm: £25
    • Half arm: £13
    • Upper lip and chin: £8
    • Stomach: £13
    • Men back: £38
    • Men chest: £38
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Mobile Waxing Beauty Services Available to All London Areas

The beauty of London suburbs lie in their proximity to natural recesses while still maintaining a close hold on the cities. There are suburban areas for the rich and also for the hardworking middle classes. Be it Ealing or Richmond, every neighborhood has its own charms. The pristine natural scenes and the British architecture lend a wondrous old world feel to these places. These suburbs envelop the perfect mix of the old world and the oncoming modernity. With every modern amenity known to man surprisingly close by, living in these London suburbs is truly a dream come true.

The Need for Waxing in London Suburbs

Living in these modern times demands a great deal of attention to one’s appearance. With the onset of vanity aside, keeping one’s appearance clean and homely makes one look more attractive. It tells the world that you care about yourself. In this regard one needs to take the topic of unwanted body hair into consideration. Stylish clothing often warrants the need of showing smooth skin devoid of hair. Other than that holiday seasons, special occasions, swimming and sunbathing require one to have a flawless body. This is why waxing services are in such demand. Waxing can be quite a tricky procedure to do if one does not have the required experience of doing it. Often shoddy waxing jobs can lead to extreme pain, rashes and eruptions on the skin surface. This is where professional waxing services come into play. These professional beauticians have been conducting full body to localized waxing sessions for the duration of their professional lives. They are experienced enough to lend professional quality results with little to no pain. What’s more, many of these professional waxing services are available on mobile beauty salons. This means that now you get salon-quality skin without leaving the comforts of your home. It is a totally win-win situation!

Kinds of Waxing Services Offered

Ask any woman and she will tell you that unwanted body hair is her biggest enemy. They are difficult to remove and often don’t provide quality results when done on one’s own. This is where professional mobile waxing services come in. They use herbal waxes to conduct full body to localized area waxing. The procedure is completely safe and totally hygienic. Depending on the type of body hair a standard waxing session will bear fruit for 4 to 6 weeks of smooth skin. Professional waxing specialists conduct the process with herbal ingredients taking care of your skin all along the way. Unwanted body hair is removed in a single sitting. Professional waxing sessions include the following regions – eyebrow waxing, upper lip waxing, underarm waxing, chin waxing, arms and hand waxing, leg waxing, bikini waxing, Brazilian waxing and Hollywood waxing. Be it complete hair removal or localized, these mobile waxing services are assured to make your skin feel smooth and sexy.


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